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Herbalized Pulling Oil

Herbalized Pulling Oil

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A hand-crafted Pulling Oil that brings the power of Ayurveda to both dental hygiene and overall well-being and health. 

Oil pulling is rinsing the mouth with oil as part of dinacharya, your daily routine of hygiene and self care. It is best to do first thing in the morning. Start your oil rinse after brushing your teeth and using your tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Rinsing your mouth with oil supports cleaning the oral tissues, strengthening the immune system, stimulating the production of enzymes, and balancing the beneficial bacteria that protect your teeth and gums. Some sources recommend a full 20 minutes of oil rinsing to accomplish all of this. Our approach on timing is more based on your body's response to the oil. Every person is unique in how long it takes your liver to begin producing enzymes that will cause the oil to further liquify in the mouth. Once your body has produced enough enzymes your oil pulling benefits have been maximized and you can finish sometimes in a little as a couple of minutes. The way to know for sure is to feel for a change in the thickness of the oil in your mouth. When the oil “breaks” and becomes more watery it means your enzymes have done their job. You can spit the oil and gently massage your gums to finish.

Key Ingredients: 

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, brightens teeth

Jasmine: Protects against tooth decay

Red Sandalwood: Strengthens gums, anti-bacterial

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