Meet Baile

Kylie Gaughan and Nikki Bostwick, founders of Baile, share a deep longing for the homestead life. As two individuals dreaming of a future homestead, they recognize that those years are still on the horizon. In the meantime, they've chosen to infuse elements of the countryside into their daily lives.

Their focus centers on embracing materials and methods traditionally used by homesteaders. They prioritize the versatility of cotton, wool, and natural leather in crafting clothing, bedding, and kitchen/home textiles. Wood becomes a staple in their building materials, from furniture to toys. Stoneware finds a place in their homes, enhancing everyday chores such as gardening, laundry, and cooking with inspiration and beauty.

By embracing this way of life and kindling the desire to be self-sustaining, irrespective of your current location, you contribute to your own well-being and the well-being of the earth. Kylie and Nikki are dedicated to sharing the essence of the homestead life, bringing a touch of simplicity and sustainability to your everyday experience.

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