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Fulfilled by our friends at Somavedic USA

Tiny is designed to absorb some of your Somavedic device’s energy to carry in your pocket outside of the home. The effect of the charged Tiny lasts about 8 hours from an overnight charge next to a Somavedic and covers a distance of a few feet in all directions. You need to have a Somavedic device to take advantage of the Tiny. We recommend charging it with Somavedic Harmony, Sky, Vedic, Ruby, Cobalt, Amber and Gold models.

How to use it: Keep it with you throughout the day in your pocket. In that case, it creates a protective field around your body up to a distance of about 20"! Place your Tiny next to the Somavedic device or set it on the top of it.

Material: hand pressed crystal glass.

Size: 1.3" x 0.7"

Stays charged for: 8hrs

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