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Summer Solace Tallow

Fig and Strawberry Melange Candle - Regenerative Tallow™

Fig and Strawberry Melange Candle - Regenerative Tallow™

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Figgy, jammy, summery. A new take on a fruity candle. It brings warmth and  delight when burned. 

Experience the transformative power of our newest candle, showcased in a captivating frosted red currant vessel.

Ignite a sensory journey with our Fig and Strawberry Melange tallow candle, a fragrant homage to the lingering warmth of Northern California’s late summer. Meticulously handcrafted, this candle melds the robust notes of California fig leaf oil with the warm undertones of hay absolute, crowned with a vibrant, sweet, and succulent strawberry melange essential oil sourced directly from France.

Indulge in the sustainable luxury of our slow-burning tallow candles, a harmonious blend of rendered suet fat from California pasture-raised cattle, locally harvested beeswax, and a bouquet of natural essential oils and absolutes. 

 The full size comes in a 6 oz. The frosted glass container with a sustainably sourced cork lid burns for about 40 hours.

  Ingredients: Suet Tallow (fat) from certified regeneratively-raised Northern California cattle, organic marigold CO2 extract (Calendula), raw beeswax from local hives, organic essential oil, resins, and absolutes. 

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