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Moon Canyon Healing

Clary Sage, Rose & Tobacco Herbal Mist

Clary Sage, Rose & Tobacco Herbal Mist

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Fulfilled by our friends at Moon Canyon Healing

This energetic mist was formulated to offer moments of intentional presence. Attune your heart to the beat of the Earth, welcoming in harmonious connection to source. Feel yourself grounded, both in spirit and body, guided by nature's rhythm.*


- calm, receptive energetic states

- connection to the Earth's natural bio-rhythms

- groundedness and clarity

2 fl oz bottle


Clary Sage Hydrosol (Salvia sclarea), Rose Hydrosol (Rosa damascena), Tobacco Flower Essence (Nicotiana rustica)

All ingredients are organic and responsibly sourced.

This item only ships within the United States.

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