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Summer Solace Tallow

Baby Soft Family Balm - Regenerative Tallow™ + Pastured Leaf Lard

Baby Soft Family Balm - Regenerative Tallow™ + Pastured Leaf Lard

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Unscented, light cacao scent, made with lard and tallow for superior moisturization.

This super-soft balm combines the healing powers of pasture-raised cattle suet tallow, organic pastured lard, fair trade, organic cacao butter, and extra-virgin olive oil to create an uber-nourishing moisturizer specially formulated for baby's sensitive skin with four different organic fats. This balm is Unscented.

Use on babe's hands, face, feet, bum, or any other part that needs moisturizing. Perfect for after a bath when the balm can melt over their warm skin.

It can also be used on everyone in the family and is especially great for a growing belly.

Summer Solace is proud to source our raw cacao butter from trusted partners at Coracao Chocolates. They are renowned for their expertise in crafting natural, gluten-free, fair-trade, raw chocolates.

The heart of the balm, the leaf lard, comes from the historic Rancho Llano Seco in Chico, CA. Here, hogs enjoy the freedom of open-air paddocks and soak up plenty of sunshine, offering a beautiful view of the California Buttes. Raised in a zero-waste community, these hogs, a fine blend of Duroc, Yorkshire, and Landrace breeds, are nurtured on GMO-free vegetarian grains and legumes, mostly locally.

This careful upbringing guarantees a product that is both premium in quality and ethical in its production.

Ingredients: Suet Tallow (fat) from certified regeneratively-raised Northern California cattle, organic pastured leaf lard, organic marigold CO2 extract (Calendula), organic Peruvian raw fair-trade cacao (Theobroma cacao) butter, and Séka Hills extra-virgin olive oil.

The jar contains 50 ml. The Large is 4 oz.

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