Guide to Supplementing

Guide to Supplementing

There’s a lot of misinformation about supplements. Some may argue you can get all your essential elements from nutrition — but in today’s world, our food is not as rich and varied as it once was — and it’s unlikely that the modern diet will completely support your body and its individual systems.Supplements enrich the body's internal environment by fortifying cellular protection, repairing and regenerating organs and cells, and supporting the renewal process. If you’re not getting these qualities from nutrition, filling the gaps with a high-integrity supplement can help. Ancient practices, science, and research have also all come together to provide us with comprehensive information and guidelines to help achieve a greater level of health.

However, not all supplements are created equal, and there are also a lot of snake oil brands on the market. It’s important to choose the correct formulation, vet their sourcing policies, and read the ingredient list of any supplement you incorporate into your routine.

The following brands meet Baile's standard for integrity and effectiveness. However, if you need more guidance please consult your own practitioner for more information.

THE STAPLES for overall support and well-being:

  • Kinder Thoughts™ Saffron Capsules: THE FULLEST’s daily saffron supplement clinically proven to improve mood and overall well-being.
  • Quinton Plasma: a 100% natural dietary supplement made from pure seawater; each ampoule contains up to 78 natural elements which are fully bioavailable in order to ensure their rapid absorption.
  • ION* Gut Support: for optimal gut-brain connectivity and feel-good transmissions. Learn more on THE FULLEST'S podcast episode with Dr. Zach Bush. 
  • Fill The Well Herbal Infusion by Moon Canyon: Herbal infusions support you in the daily ritual of deep nourishment. These powerful nutritive herbs restore the vitality needed to show up in service -- to yourself and all the beings to whom you are connected. This blend promotes daily nourishment, recovery from depleted states, easy absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamin K/D: we are often deficient in vitamins K and D that are both essential to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and facilitating normal immune system function. We prefer liquid over capsules because it absorbs into your bloodstream faster.
  • Magnesi-Om: Moon Juice’s formula contains 3 bioavailable forms of magnesium (for a time-release effect), plus L-theanine. Take at night to support focused and calm cognitive health.
  • Silver: supplementing with silver supercharges the body to maintain a peak immune response, boosts natural cells, and inhibits pathogen virulence. We choose Angstrom for ingesting and Colloidal for external use.
  • Desiccated Liver by Perfect Supplements: liver is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods in existence and this is the first and only desiccated liver to receive the Glyphosate Residue-Free Certification.

THE HAVE ON HAND for specific health issues:

Cold + Flu

  • Immune Repair Kit by Be Hive of Healing: an all-inclusive immunity kit that includes their healing Infx-B-gone, Breathing Calm, Healing Spray, Phastest-Healing-EVR, Bee Immune, and Nazo Heal.
  • Pop-N-Heal by Be Hive of Healing: a homeopathically induced and spiritually enhanced product that includes jojoba, water, coconut oil, lauric acid, benzalkonium chloride, and vitamin E.
  • Lemon Ginger Immune Toddy by Wooden Spoon Herbs: Fruity immune support for natural defense on the go. Packed with essential nutrients your body needs to feel its best, like elderberry, echinacea, zinc and vitamin C. 
  • Glutathione Spray by Results RNA: one of the most important antioxidants in the body, glutathione supports healthy detoxification, neutralizes free radicals, and reduces oxidative stress.
  • Oscillococcinum by Boiron: nip flu-like symptoms and reduce the duration and severity of influenza-related symptoms with this homeopathic multi-symptom flu medicine.
  • Oregano Oil by Natural Factors: a potent herbal antimicrobial that effectively tackles bacterial, yeast, fungal, and parasitic infections. Plus immune system and respiratory support.
  • Flu Immune Spray by NET: can be used as a treatment for flu like symptoms by the entire family as well as a preventative.
  • Vitamin C by Global Healing: our go-to for plant-based, organic vitamin C in a liquid formula.
  • Zinc by Global Healing: an essential mineral that supports the immune system, digestive system, and cellular growth and development. We love this blend with zinc derived from guava leaves.
  • Herbal Throat Spray by Standard Process: contains soothing herbs to support healthy throat tissue and mucous membranes.
  • Manuka Honey by Activist Mānuka: mono-floral raw mānuka honey is full of antibacterial properties and active enzymes straight from Mother Nature. A perfect staple for daily immune support that also makes a great face mask.
  • B.Immune Propolis Throat Spray by Beekeeper's Naturals: bee propolis acts as the immune system of the beehive and is just as beneficial to human beings as it is to our favorite pollinators.

Gut Issues

  • Gut Therapy by Juna: the ultimate gut reset and impacts your mind, body, and mood. With 95% of our serotonin, 50% of dopamine, and 70% of our immunity created in our gut, optimal gut health is centric to lowering stress, boosting mood, improving brain function, and immunity, boosting metabolism, and enhancing vitality.
  • Triphala by Sun Potion: a Vedic alchemical triple extract tincture that uses Ayurvedic digestive principles and detoxification herbs to support regularity.
  • ION* Gut Support: for optimal gut-brain connectivity and feel-good transmissions. Learn more on THE FULLEST'S podcast episode with Dr. Zach Bush. 
  • Magnesi-Om: Moon Juice’s formula contains 3 bioavailable forms of magnesium (for a time-release effect), plus L-theanine. Take at night to support focused and calm cognitive health.
  • Probiotics by Elemental Wizdom: we’ve all heard the power of probiotics but this particular brand is super powerful and has 28 professional strength human colonizing bacteria strains to help heal everything from gut health to immunity, viral infections, and bone loss.
  • Charcoal: helps detox the body by binding to toxins and eliminating them from the body — especially good for those experiencing runny stool or stomach bug.
  • Zest the Best from Living Libations: this formula is endorsed by nutritionists and colon therapists. Add a drop of this herbaceous tincture to your meals for improved digestion of a variety of foods.
  • Warm Feelings™ Saffron Latte: a main ingredient in this latte is cardamom used for thousands of years to help with stomach issues and soothe digestion. Research shows that cardamom may also help reduce stomach ulcers.


  • Kinder Thoughts™ Saffron Capsules: THE FULLEST’s daily saffron supplement clinically proven to improve mood and overall well being.
  • Liposomal B-Complex by Quicksilver Scientific: metabolically active vitamins help energize you through occasional mental and physical slumps. Delivering these liposomal offers more immediate effects.
  • ER 911 by NET: support before, during, and after emotional, mental, or physical trauma. Direct physical indicators are conditions associated with anxiety, phobias, accidents, surgery, loss of a loved one, as well as feeling overworked.
  • First Aid Kit by Alexis Smart Flower Remedies: fast-acting formula neutralizes trauma and shock, restoring calm immediately — can be used with other flower remedies.
  • CBD by Onda: CBD can help with anxiety but it is important to choose a quality blend. Onda is a regenerative CBD line that uses the whole plant to make it more bioavailable and synergistic with the human body.


  • Warm Feelings™ Saffron Latte: a caffeine-free healing latte that acts as an antidepressant and immune system supporter that can help calm your system before bed. 
  • Nightcap Sleep Gummies by Juna: a revolutionary sleep aid formulated with functional botanicals to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep. Turn off middle-of-the-night stressouts. Turn deeply restorative levels of sleep.
  • Magnesium Bicarbonate Electrolyte Balance by Pristine Hydro: magnesium is a powerful sleep aid. This is a complex, hydrated salt-only magnesium in liquid form, as it is not found in any foods and only in pristine drinking water, most of us need to supplement with magnesium.
  • SleepCalm by Boiron: provides an over-the-counter solution to relieve occasional sleeplessness, restless sleep, and intermittent awakening. This homeopathic medicine calms restless sleep without feeling groggy the next day.
  • CBD by Onda: A specific strain individually designed to help with sleep by decreasing cortisol levels in the brain and putting the body into a more sedative pre-bedtime state.
  • Melatonin by Premier Research Labs: Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces in response to darkness. It helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms – this can often be disrupted by too much screen time and artificial lighting. Supporting your body with a high-integrity supplement can help re-regulate your melatonin levels.


  • Holi Mane by Agent Nateur: nutrient-dense marine collagen and pearl powder work together to support dull and shedding hair, brittle nails, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Mother-of-Pearl Powder by Dosage: Mother-of-pearl extract, when taken orally, promotes bone renewal, skin moisturization and (epi)dermal regeneration. 
  • SuperBeauty by Moon Juice: this master antioxidant formula that works to protect from accelerated aging while promoting collagen production, elasticity, and cell vitality. Commit and you should start to see results in four weeks.
  • Manuka Essential Oil Instead of Deodorant: it’s important to detox your armpits (even from natural deodorants) as they are a major absorption area of the body. Body odor actually happens from bacteria on the skin, not your perspiration. To wean off deodorants altogether, apply a few drops of manuka oil to neutralize bacteria on the skin as it is naturally antimicrobial.
  • Kinder Thoughts™ Saffron Capsules: Used in ancient beauty practices, saffron and turmeric are known to support a brighter complexion, improve acne-prone skin, and aid in skin regeneration to diminish scarring.

Baile approved brands

THINGS TO AVOID as much as possible

Sadly, companies will add additives to their products, so we recommend staying away from the following ingredients.

Bulking Agents + Fillers

  • Soybean oil
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Titanium dioxide
  • GMO-derived corn starch
  • Corn maltodextrin
  • Citric acid
  • Stearic acid
  • Modified food starch
  • Sucrose
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Sorbitol
  • Xylitol


  • GMO-derived soy lecithin (we prefer sunflower lecithin)
  • Brominated vegetable oil (BVO)
  • Ammonium phosphatides.

Anti-Caking Agents

  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Sodium ferrocyanide
  • Tricalcium silicate


  • Ascorbic acid
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Sulfites
  • GMO-derived ascorbyl palmitate
  • GMO-derived sodium ascorbate
  • Nitrates or nitrites
  • GMO-derived sodium citrate
  • GMO-derived citric acid

A Note On Glycerin

Finally, we just wanted to shout out that many supplements, especially liquids and tinctures, include non-organic vegetable glycerin. This is mostly derived from vegetable oil, a substance that is inflammatory to our bodies. However, there aren’t many alternatives, so if you must use vegetable glycerin, look for one derived from coconut oil. However, if you can find a supplement that uses grain-free alcohol over glycerin — even better!

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