Why Infrared Heat Mats are a Worthy Wellness Investment Piece

Why Infrared Heat Mats are a Worthy Wellness Investment Piece

Ancient cultures have been harnessing heat to heal for centuries and then some. Science has also confirmed that increasing the body’s temperature by just 1.8 degrees is enough to increase immune function by up to 40%, encourage the production of hormones and enzymes by 50%, and stimulate our metabolic rate by 12%.However, modern life can often make it difficult to access heat therapies such as hot springs, infrared saunas and even inner city sweat lodges. To fill that gap, a new healing tool has emerged and is doing the rounds on the wellness circuit — infrared mats — but they don’t come cheap.

At times in wellness, it’s easy to feel a sense of “keeping up with the Joneses” but instead of new SUVs and suburban mansions, it’s retreats to Costa Rica and $500 juicers for your morning celery tonic.

Although there’s nothing wrong with this, living within our means and using discernment about the correct investments for us, rather than blindly following the wellness crowd, is both important and grounding — at least this has been our experience.Recently, I made the investment in a HealthyLine Chakra Mat. After hearing friends describe it as “incredibly grounding” and even some attributing the mystical mat to more vivid dreams and clearer skin, it had been an item that I’d been looking forward to purchasing for some time. Yet at $1,499, it was worthy of some consideration. After further research on the HealthyLine website, I read that, “The Chakra Mat is a device made entirely out of natural elements — gemstones, infrared rays, and a pulsed electromagnetic field system all combine to provide an experience that helps balance and cleanse the seven chakra points. Each chakra energy center influences specific aspects of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. When all of your chakras are perfectly balanced and cleansed, your body operates in an optimal state in which reaching a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself is possible.” I immediately wanted to add it straight to my cart, plug it into my outlet, and reach a level of never before accessed self-love. However, in a very uncharacteristic move, I instead took the time to sleep on it, and  break down the benefits versus the cost.

Swapping In-Studio for At-Home Treatments

One of the reasons this mat had been on my wellness wish-list was that it had a number of functions that were already a part of my self-care routine. I’ve always loved using heat to heal, am a huge fan of hot yoga, and more recently have been taking fortnightly sessions at my local infrared sauna studio. Every couple of months, I’ve also budgeted for crystal Reiki treatments and hot stone massages. Knowing that all of these features are incorporated into the Chakra Mat was a huge drawcard. Taking this into account helped me realize that, over time, I could actually end up saving me money.

Sharing the Love

I’d had the pleasure of experiencing this mat at a friend’s house before purchasing. It made me realize that this isn't just an investment for me, but for my friends and family. Being able to share a healing tool with them was another added value in committing to the mat. Although I purchased the Chakra Mat on my own, sharing the cost with a friend or housemate is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this tool together.

A Practice Add-On

Initially, I was interested in the mat to help me with more physical conditions, such as inflammation and circulation, yet, many people had spoken to me about the benefits of bringing it into their personal meditation practices and sleep routines.

Protection, Reviews and Warranties

After deciding the mat was worth the cost, it was important for me to do my homework and ensure some buyer protection. Outside of my friends’ recommendations, reading through the thousands of Trustpilot reviews definitely got me over the edge, as did the 45-day trial and five-year warranty. After looking at my list of price versus benefits, the Chakra Mat moved from in-cart to checkout. Although the outcome was the same as my initial gut feeling, taking the time to do my research and really consider if this was a practical purchase for me at this time, gave me a deeper feeling of gratitude and satisfaction when my mat arrived. Now, I can attest that this crystal infused mat does have a plethora of healing benefits. My takeaway is that incorporating a mat into your treatment plan is an incredible way to support you on your journey and assist you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is a bit of a splurge, yet done mindfully, it is an investment that is worth the outlay.

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