Guide to Healthy Swaps

Guide to Healthy Swaps

Sometimes it can feel as though taking a holistic health path means sacrifice — especially when it comes to our most loved beauty products or comfort foods. However, there’s a healthier swap for pretty much everything! We’ve rounded up some of our simplest alternatives that don’t compromise on quality, effectiveness, or indulgence. Check them out below!

Beauty & Self-Care

Swap salon or store bought hair treatments for DIY rice water & Ayurvedic hair masks. If you’d rather not make your own, then pick up some La Tierra Sagrada for truly clean locks.

Swap face washes and makeup removers for face balms and oils. Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever removes makeup and impurities. Surya Spa Face Oil, Shiva Rose Saffron Face Oil, and Nucifera Balm are all excellent for daily cleansing.Swap plastic or disposable razors for sustainable razors.

Razors typically come with some sort of film on them, are made of plastic, and just not sustainable. Well kept offers gorgeous razors and have reinvented this self-care essential to make it simple, sustainable, healthy for your skin and — they’re beautiful!

Swap synthetic and plastic makeup brushes for tools with natural fibers and materials. More and more cosmetic companies and homewares brands are offering sustainable alternatives to synthetic brushes that use goat’s hair, horsehair, and handles made of birch, beech, or other eco-friendly plant materials. We love this kabuki brush from Iris Hantverk.

Swap botox and fillers for gua sha and facial acupuncture. We love Wildling as they have excellent tools but also great resources on ways to support your skin’s elasticity, collagen, and muscular structure, naturally.


Swap Claritin for Quercetin

Swap antidepressants & anti-anxiety medication for Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules (If you feel called, please do this under the consultation of your healthcare practitioners.)

Swap Afrin Nasal Spray for Ion Biome Nasal Spray

Swap Miralax for Moon Juice’s Mangesi-om

Swap Ibuprofen for Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules

Swap cough syrup for Mindful Immunity™ super protection syrup 

Swap Pedialyte for coconut waterSwap throat spray for Beekeeper’s Naturals

Swap generic immunity multivitamins for Armra Colostrum

Swap Emergen-C for Organic vitamin C: This organic vitamin C spray is great for kids and we also love Organic Navitas Camu Powder that contains 682 grams of organic, whole food-based vitamin C in just one teaspoon! Also, vitamin C is water soluble so it's best taken in the morning, 30 minutes before eating for optimum absorption.

Home Fragrance

Swap air fresheners like Febreeze and Glade for essential oils and air purifiers. We love Living Libations, Vitruvi, and Canopy for diffusing oils along with the Molekule Air Purifier.

Swap toxic candles (yes, this includes soy candles!) for beeswax, hemp, and coconut candles. We love Cave Glow and Shiva Rose’s Rosewood Vanilla Candle!

Swap toxic incense for smoke-free and organic incense. We love Bodha that uses a traditional Japanese method, organic woods, and essential oils.


Swap store-bought pancake mix for Moon Juice’s Supershroom Pancakes & Waffles

Swap tiramisu for Cafe Gratitude’s Plant-Based & Organic Tiramisu

Swap traditional pumpkin pie for Sweet Laurel’s Grain Free & Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie (If you’re too busy to make it at home, they also ship pre-made pies to you.) 

Swap toxic fried donuts for our Apple Spice Donuts with Maple Glaze 

Swap store bought, non organic cookies for Loco Love’s Real Deal Choc Chip Cookies

Swap refined sugar-loaded popsicles for Saffron, Date, and Lime Popsicles

Pantry Essentials

Swap Cheerios for Lovebird Organic & Grain Free Cereal

Swap jams with little nutritional value for Barberry Beauty Jam (it’s packed with health benefits and tastes even better!)

Swap canola, vegetable, and seed cooking oils for certified organic, grass-fed butters and organic extra virgin, cold-pressed olive and coconut oils. Research is coming out showing that these “cooking” oils are actually terrible for health. Replace them with Wonder Valley’s Olive Oil that is full of polyphenols and looks gorgeous on your bench or Maple Hill Organic Grass-Fed Butter.

Snacks & Comfort Foods

Swap Pop Tarts for these Healthy Breakfast Pop Tarts

Swap refined sugary popcorn for Toffee Maca Popcorn or LesserEvil organic popcorn

Swap diner breakfast biscuits for Farm-To-Table Breakfast Biscuits (they’re a lot healthier and feel even more comforting and indulgent!)

Swap delivery pizza and non organic Cappellos for this Mediterranean Paleo PizzaSwap crackers & chips for Jovial Crackers & Sana Foods Chips

Booze, Coffee, & Lemonade

Swap your iced latte for Warm Feelings™ Over Ice (If you’re taking a break from coffee, this is an excellent alternative and it boosts mood!)

Swap soda cans for healthy spritzers. Some of our faves include sparkling water, Sunwink, and Mood Lifting Wildflower Lemonade — but we really love taking Apricot Lane Farms Orange Blossom Lemonadeand adding a few Strands of Sunshine™ saffron threads with sparkling water.

Swap beer and wine for biodynamic natural wine (ditch the preservatives and other nasties!)

Swap margarita mix for Rosaluna’s Pink Moon Paloma

Swap one too many cocktails for a Mindful Immunity™ elixir

Swap a boozy nightcap for Warm Feelings™ saffron latte (If you’re hosting, our Warm Feelings™ bulk is great to have on hand during the holidays as it offers 100 servings and is the perfect end to a party. Leave your guests with a little saffron high and no headache the next day!)


Swap store-bought chocolate for organic and adaptogenic alternatives. There are so many chocolates that are not only delicious but are literally packed full of organic ingredients and superfoods. We are huge fans of Loco Love, Spring & Mulberry Chocolate, Addictive Wellness Chocolate, and Frans Chocolates (for a traditional truffle that still happens to be organic).


Swap gluten-heavy pastas for gluten-free versions. We love Jovial and Dr Smood

Swap Americanized pasta for traditional Italian pasta (No shade on American brands but there’s just something special about Italian pasta and Bona Furtuna are one of the most authentic brands around making their pasta on a biodynamic and organic farm outside of Corleone).

Swap store-bought sauce for organic and authentic versions. We’re huge fans of Otamot and Dr Smood Arribiata sauce (which has no sunflower oil).

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