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Calming Bath Soak

Calming Bath Soak

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The rejuvenating properties of lavender and ashwagandha help relax the nervous system, nourish & rejuvenate body and mind, and return energy, vitality, and vigor to the body.

Natural Salts mineralize, cleanse and purify, reducing stress, fatigue, and soreness.

  • Size: 52ox / 3.25lbs
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Key Ingredients: 

Lavender, healing, hydrating, and anti-bacterially beneficial, soothes the skin and deeply relaxes mind and body.

Ashwagandha, a well-known adaptogenic that helps our body manage and adapt to stress, is also magic for the skin, naturally promoting collagen production, reducing inflammation, healing outbreaks and toning.

How to use:

Dissolve the entire contents of this single-use soak in a warm bath. Place the herbal sachet in the water and allow the revitalizing essence of the herbs to infuse the bath. Relax, enjoy, and let the timeless tradition of Ayurveda dissolve your troubles and restore you to a perfect sense of natural balance.

Surya innovates within Ayurveda's comprehensive system of well-being, designed 10,000 years ago by a group of devoted yogis seeking to both better and extend their lives, in the service of humanity. Through natural products, programs, education, services, and modern self-care tools, Surya helps restore balance and health, revives our connection with nature and spirit, and makes wellness, vitality, and longevity available to everyone, everywhere.

Surya products are such a staple for both Nikki and Kylie. Kylie uses the balancing face oil every day and Nikki and her husband Eric use the collagen cream daily as well. Surya's body oils are also a staple in Kylie's bathing routine and help bring intention to an otherwise mindless activity. Baile also carries Surya's pantry products that help bring Ayurveda into our daily life. 


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