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LAKA Matcha™ Sticks

LAKA Matcha™ Sticks

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We proudly carry LAKA Matcha™, featuring the finest varietals of ceremonial-grade matcha. Crafted in custom batches to meet three pillars of quality: taste, color, and purity. Shade-dried, freshly ground to order, and third-party tested for absolute purity. LAKA Matcha™ supports longevity, energy, metabolism, beauty, and brain function. Each box contains 24 sticks, with each 2-gram stick providing 2 servings, for a total of 48 servings.

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The founder of LAKA is equally passionate about creating a meaningful business and embracing essential natural living, recognizing how these elements support each other. She is a certified herbalist and yoga instructor with a background in Urban Design. Her true expertise and daily passion lie in reminding others of the effectiveness of simple, accessible wellness practices. She believes in empowering others through sustainable nutrition, intuitive movement, and healthy thinking, helping them approach life with greater awareness and confidence.

Liz, the visionary founder of LAKA, lives on Kauai Island and embodies beauty inside and out as a mother and friend. Nikki and Kylie's business collaboration with Liz spans years, and they deeply value her unique offerings. Matcha has become a cornerstone of her brand, and Kylie and Nikki especially appreciate the convenient single-serving packets, perfect for on-the-go moments, even when juggling a baby in one arm!

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