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Somavedic Anthracite

Anthracite, the most refined and time-honored form of high-carbon black, possesses exceptional absorption capabilities. An added advantage of Somavedic Anthracite is its potential to fortify your immune system and assist in post-flu mental fog. It can help sharpen your focus and provide a heightened sense of grounding.

Anthracite also serves as an effective defense against the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), further safeguarding your immune system.

Please bear in mind that Anthracite is not intended for water purification purposes. Instead, it complements other models in the Somavedic lineup, such as Vedic and Amber.

Key Benefits: 

  • Mitigates Negative Influences: EMF, geobiological stress, and excessive free radicals.

  • Versatile Environments: Great for apartments, family homes, and office environments.
  • Stylish Housing: A silver-coated hand-blown glass adds a touch of elegance.

Certifications:  Certified by IGEF (Germany) for its effectiveness.

Product Composition: 

  • Tesla coil 
  • Cubic zirconia, gemstones, and crystals arranged in a geometric pattern  
  • Precious metals including gold (Au), palladium (Pd), silver (Ag), and copper (Cu)

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